Week of January 16, 2018

When your child finishes the green first grade notebook, he or she is ready for a marble composition notebook!  They are available at most stores - they won't have the broken writing line.


This week's spelling words:
like  spike  ride  hide  bike  mine

This week's sight vocabulary:
green  grow  pretty  should  together  water
Please practice sight words each night as part of your child's HW

Your child's  code for on-line access to our math and reading series is in his or  her folder!  Check out stories, videos, games, manipulatives, and help at McGraw-Hill!

There are no cash pretzel sales.  Please place your order for pretzels on the SEAS hot lunch website.
Cash will be accepted for ice cream on Thursdays.

Our Specials
Monday  gym
Tuesday  Spanish
Wednesday  music
Thursday  art and library
Friday computer

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