Week of June 17, 2019

June 18 is a G.U.T. Day!
Wear your gym uniform and sneakers to school !

Summer - here we come!! Thanks for a wonderful year together!  Have a safe and happy summer !  Take time to appreciate the beautiful world around you!  Swim, play, watch butterflies and fireflies!  Eat ice cream!  Enjoy every minute of your summer!  I love you!

Playing Ball.png
Just a reminder that there won't be any pretzels this week or next week.

Thank you for participating in
The Stephen Clifford Memorial Scholarship Fund Raffle!
Each year, a SEAS graduate receives a scholarship in Stephen's memory.

Please remember to bring a healthy snack to school each day!  Water only during snack!  Thanks!

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Our Specials
Monday  gym
Tuesday  art
Wednesday  music & computer
Thursday  library
Friday  Spanish



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