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        Welcome to 2-1
        for the Week of 
        April 15, 2019!

Dear Parents and Students,
 We are all looking forward to another fabulous week ahead as we will BE JESUS by welcoming our love of God, our love of learning, and our love of each other together.

We will have a Phonics Check Up on Tuesday. Our Spelling Bee will take place on Wednesday

Our Communion Breakfast Parent Meeting will take place this Tuesday, April 16 at 7pm in the school library. Please make every effort to attend this planning night.

Please remember to send in your donation for this week's Prayer Day. Prayer Day will take place this Wednesday. In place of the usual lunch menu, a soup lunch will be offered to the children. All donations towards the soup lunch will be collected and given to the less fortunate in our area.

Upon return from our Easter Break, the class will have a Social Studies Test on Customs and Cultures. The test will take place on Thursday, May 2.

*Please remember that the children are required to have at least 3 sharpened pencils in their cases each day. Thank you! 

  This week the children will focus on the events of Holy Week. This Wednesday is Prayer Day which is a day of service and prayer for our school. Our class will be decorating and filling bags with fruit which will be distributed to the less fortunate in the surrounding areas. We will also be attending Adoration, Stations of the Cross, and Benediction throughout the day. To commemorate Jesus' Last Supper, the children will continue their practice of the reception of Holy Communion using unconsecrated hosts.
The Eucharist Book will be sent home each day. Please take the time to review the day's lesson in the Eucharist book with your child in order to prepare them more fully for their Sacrament of Holy Communion.

In the spirit of Lent, the children were given a Lenten Basket of Doing activity to be completed at home throughout Lent. This activity was sent home on Ash Wednesday. Each day, please check to see that your child works on making their small sacrifice as a reminder of the loving sacrifice that Jesus made for us on Good Friday.

The children will continue reciting the Act of Contrition prayer in school and are asked to pray this beautiful prayer of forgiveness at home on a daily basis. 

**Please remember to say one Hail Mary each night to the Blessed Mother, our class Saint.

The children will be introduced to the concept of money, focusing on finding the value of pennies, nickels, and dimes. They will also learn the practice of "Hairy Money" which should aide in their understanding of adding these various coin amounts.
 Even though we have taken a break from addition and subtraction sentences with regrouping, please have your child continue to review their math fact fact flash cards on a nightly basis so that they will be able to work through the regrouping process with a greater understanding of their basic math facts.

Please utilize the connected website for review work and activities related to this chapter. All pass codes were distributed and should be kept in a safe place. Math homework will be assigned on Monday through Thursday of this week. The homework sheet can be found in your child's take home folder. 

This week our unit will complete our theme of how we can protect the Earth, when we read the story "Earth' Resources" in our reader. This story will also help us to understand how the different kinds of rocks are formed on the Earth. Please continue to have your child work on their reading log each night and bring them in on Fridays so that their progress can be checked. 

 This week we continue to work on the newest double vowels of oe, oa, and ow. Please see the Phonics packet that was sent home regarding this topic. It is important that the children practice their Phonics skills nightly in order to meet with success in the classroom!

We will have a Spelling Bee on our Easter words as well as past Spelling words this Wednesday.

This week, the class will continue learning about pronouns, completing our topic on possessive pronouns

We will continue to work on writing Spring stories using pronouns.

Social Studies
   The class will also learn about famous Americans, some of whom immigrated to our country. 

Please check out the "Class News" page for details about classroom policies. 

Also, remember to utilize the pass codes for the Math and Reading series that were sent home. These codes enable the students to gain access to the Connected website so as to reference their math books and readers for reinforcement activities as well as the pages from their textbooks. It is a great resource for learning!
This website can be easily accessed by clicking on the McGraw Math & Reading link located to the left of this page.

All the best for a happy, healthy, respectful, responsible, and reverent week ahead.

Mrs. Cooke