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        Welcome to 2-1
        for the Week of 
         June 18, 2018!

Dear Parents and Students,
 We are all looking forward to another fabulous week ahead as we embrace our love of God, learning, and each other together!

My how the year has flown! It is hard to believe that we are entering our final week of Second Grade together! And what a wonderful time we had together!! Please check out the events that we will be taking part in during this week before we say so long for the summer.

This Monday, June 18, we will be celebrating our picnic lunch together on the lawn on the Washington Ave. side of the building. The children will be allowed to wear their gym uniforms to school on this day. Please send your child to school with a beach towel to sit on during the picnic.

We will be celebrating all of the talents and gifts that God has given to us this week as we perform our in class talent show. Please refer to the memo that was sent home last week as to the day that your child will be performing their talent for us.

Our Recognition Ceremony will take place this coming Tuesday, June 19, at 8:30 in the Holy Family Chapel. All are welcome to attend as we honor our achievements and efforts throughout this year.

There will be full days of school on Monday and Tuesday, June 18 and 19. On Wednesday and Thursday, June 20 and 21, we will be dismissed at 11:15. Dismissal on Friday, June 22, will take place at 10:15.

*Please remember that the children are required to have at least 3 sharpened pencils in their cases each day. Thank you! 

 This week we will be recognizing all of the wonderful gifts that God has given to us as we perform them in our classroom Talent Show!

*Please have your child continue to say the Act of Contrition at home each night.

**Please remember to say one Hail Mary each night to the Blessed Mother, our class saint.

 We will complete our chapter on telling time. Please utilize the connected website for review work and activities related to this chapter. Math homework will be given from Monday and Tuesday of this week. 

This week we will conduct a book study on the children's classic "The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo".

We will review all of our syllable types this week. Please see the Phonics packet that will be sent home this week regarding this topic. It is important that the children practice their Phonics skills nightly in order to meet with success in the classroom!

The class will have their last Spelling Bee on Friday. 

 We will complete our letter to our First Grade friends, informing them about all of the exciting events that await them when they arrive to Second Grade in September!

Social Studies
We finish our unit on the three types of communities - urban, suburban, and rural communities.

Please check out the "Class News" page for details about classroom policies. 

Also, remember to utilize the pass codes for the Math and Reading series that were sent home in September. These codes enable the students to gain access to the Connected website so as to reference their math books and readers for reinforcement activities as well as the pages from their textbooks. It is a great resource for learning!
This website can be easily accessed by clicking on the McGraw: Math & Reading link located to the left of this page.

All the best for a happy, healthy, sunny, and fabulous last week ahead.

Mrs. Cooke