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    Welcome to 2-1
    for the Week of
      Feb. 26, 2018!

Dear Parents and Students,
 We are all looking forward to another fabulous week ahead as we embrace our love of God, learning, and each other together!

Welcome Back!!!

****There will be an 11:15 Dismissal on Thursday, March 1. We will also be attending our school's monthly Mass on that morning at 9:00. All are welcome to join us.

***A Math Test on addition with and without regrouping will take place on Wednesday. Our Phonics Check up will take place on Thursday and our Spelling Test on Friday, along with a Continent Map Test. 

**At this time, the children should be reading their books for their Heritage Book Report. All reports and projects are due on March 13.

*Please make sure to replenish your child's pencils, crayons, and markers as needed. Now that we are passed the halfway point of the school year, many of the children are running low on their supplies. Please make note of what supplies need to be replaced and send any new purchases in as soon as possible. Also, as a reminder, the children are required to have at least 3 sharpened pencils in their cases each day. Thank you! 

The children will return to their Eucharist Books this week and will focus on the story of the Ark of the Covenant as we begin learning about the part of the Mass known as the gathering. The children will also discuss the various roles that the people of our Church play during the celebration of the Mass. The children will bring their books home each day and are encouraged to share their lessons at home with their families. Please take the time to discuss with them all that they are learning about their faith journey so as to reinforce their understanding of this Blessed Sacrament.
 Please be sure to remind your child about the importance of completing their Lenten Good Deeds Basket each day. 
*Please have your child continue to say the Act of Contrition at home each night.
**Please remember to say one Hail Mary each night to the Blessed Mother, our class saint.

We will complete our chapter on the concept of addition with regrouping. Our lessons at the beginning of this week will review regrouping and all the strategies that they have been introduced to in this chapter. Our Math Test will take place on Wednesday. The children will begin Chapter 7, focusing on subtraction in hundreds and taking apart hundreds, later in the week. Please utilize the connected website for review work and activities related to this chapter. Math homework will be given Monday through Thursday of this week. 

This week's essential question will focus on how children around the world are different. In conjunction with this concept, the class will read the stories, "Happy New Year" and "Dear Primo" in their readers.

The children will be introduced to the double vowel syllables of "ai", and "ay". A Phonics Check-up on this concept will be given on Thursday. Please see the Phonics packet that will be sent home this week regarding this topic. It is important that the children practice their Phonics skills nightly in order to meet with success in the classroom!

The class will have a Spelling test with dictation sentences on Friday.

We will identify the irregular verbs "say/ said, tell/told, see/saw, go/went, do/did". The children will utilize their knowledge of these verbs when writing their leprechaun stories.

Social Studies
The children will continue learning about the world around us by painting their paper mache globes, placing the continents on their globes, and finding out more details about the continents of Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. A Continent Test will take place on Friday, March 2. The children will be given a blank map of the world and are to label each continent in their proper place. A word box will be given to the children on the test.

Our Health Program, also known as H.E.P.P., will continue this Tuesday. The children will engage in discussions which will help them to make healthy choices. All classes will be conducted in our classroom each week and will be taught by a certified health teacher from the H.E.P.P. program.

Please check out the "Class News" page for details about classroom policies. 

Also, remember to utilize the pass codes for the Math and Reading series that were sent home in September. These codes enable the students to gain access to the Connected website so as to reference their math books and readers for reinforcement activities as well as the pages from their textbooks. It is a great resource for learning!
This website can be easily accessed by clicking on the McGraw: Math & Reading link located to the left of this page.

All the best for a happy, healthy, and prayerful week ahead.

Mrs. Cooke