Welcome to 2-1
      for the Week of 
      April 23, 2018!

Dear Parents and Students,
 We are all looking forward to another fabulous week ahead as we embrace our love of God, learning, and each other together!


A memo was sent home last week regarding information about our May Crowning and Communion Breakfast. Please send back the tear off at the bottom of the second page along with the fee to cover the cost of your guests, by this Wednesday April 25, so that we can begin making our purchases.

A memo will be sent home on Monday regarding our in class recycling poster project. The children will need to bring in supplies from home in order to complete this project.

  This Wednesday, we will have our Social Studies test on customs and cultures. A Math quiz on counting coins is scheduled for Friday. Our weekly Phonics Check-up will be given on Thursday and the  Spelling Test will take place on Friday.

*Please remember that the children are required to have at least 3 sharpened pencils in their cases each day. Thank you! 

 This week we will focus on the part of the Mass known as the Concluding Rite. The children will listen to the Gospel story of The Man on the Road and discuss the joy that the followers of Jesus felt upon learning of Jesus' resurrection to the joy that we feel when we receive Jesus in the Eucharist
. We will also find out about the significance of the dismissal at the Mass and talk about ways that we can love and serve others at home, Church, and at school.
The children will continue to practice the reception of Communion, using unconsecrated hosts.

*Please have your child continue to say the Act of Contrition at home each night.
**Please remember to say one Hail Mary each night to the Blessed Mother, our class saint.

 The children will be introduced to Chapter 10, which will focus on the concepts of counting and using money. This week our lessons will include finding the value of the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. A quiz on counting coins will be given this Friday, April 27. Please utilize the connected website for review work and activities related to this chapter. Math homework will be given from Monday through Thursday of this week. 

This week's essential question is "How Can We Protect Our Earth?".  In conjunction with that theme, we will focus on the idea of recycling, by reading the stories "The Art Project" and "The Woodcutters Gift" in our readers. 

The children will continue working on the double vowel syllables of "oa", "oe" and "ow" and utilize them in multi-syllable words. A Phonics Check-up on this concept will be given on Thursday. Please see the Phonics packet that was sent home last week regarding this topic. It is important that the children practice their Phonics skills nightly in order to meet with success in the classroom!

The class will have a Spelling Test this week, focusing on the words that will be given on Monday.

We will be identifying and using contractions with possessive pronouns in sentences. 

This week's writing project will incorporate the theme of reusing, reducing, and recycling so that the children can create posters about how we can save our Earth. The children will be asked to bring in some supplies from home in order to complete their project in class.

Social Studies
The children will be tested on the concepts from Chapter 5 on Wednesday. Please utilize the study guide that was sent home last week to review the topics from this chapter. The children need to read over this chapter in their textbooks, study their notes in their Blue Notebook, as well as review the Famous Americans flap book that they constructed in class. 
We will begin learning about the properties of rocks by describing and identifying the three types of rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic Rocks.

Please check out the "Class News" page for details about classroom policies. 

Also, remember to utilize the pass codes for the Math and Reading series that were sent home in September. These codes enable the students to gain access to the Connected website so as to reference their math books and readers for reinforcement activities as well as the pages from their textbooks. It is a great resource for learning!
This website can be easily accessed by clicking on the McGraw: Math & Reading link located to the left of this page.

All the best for a happy, healthy, and sunny week ahead.

Mrs. Cooke