Welcome to 2-1!

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Dear Parents and Students,

Our D3 Day has been rescheduled. It will take place this Monday, Feb. 13. All are encouraged to take part in our dress down day.

 A Phonics Assessment will take place this Thursday. It will focus on two syllable words containing the r-controlled syllables of er, ir, and ur. Our Spelling Test with dictation sentences will be on Friday.

Please be on the look out for our next book report assignment entitled, "Our Ancestors and Their Homelands". A memo will be sent home this week explaining the details of the assignment. Although this project is not due until March 14, the children must decide upon the country that they plan to research by this Thursday, Feb.16.

It is vital that the students practice their math facts on a daily basis at home, especially since we are beginning to regroup in the hundreds. We have begun having minute quizzes in class to build up speed and accuracy.

Now that 2017 has arrived, there are a few changes that will be made to some of our homework assignments. Instead of our Spelling Words being written two times each at the beginning of the week, they will now be written three times each. Also, our nightly reading time has increased from 15 minute sessions to 20 minutes. Please continue to work on the math fact flash cards that were given out at our conference. This nightly practice will help to increase the accuracy of our math facts.

All children should now be wearing the winter uniform. The girls are to be wearing the uniform blouse with the tie and the boys need to have on the uniform collared shirt and tie. All children are to be wearing the gym sweat pants along with the gym shirt underneath the gym sweatshirt. Shorts are not permitted to be worn again until May. 

  All pass codes for online access to our Math and Reading series were sent home earlier this year. Please log in with your child as soon as possible so that they can make use of this very valuable website. 

 Please remember to pack a healthy snack and a water bottle for snack each day. Now that the cooler weather has arrived, the children will not be keeping their water bottles at their desks but will be allowed water during snack and after recess.

 Please sign all homework as well as the Green Notebook on a daily basis. All reading logs will be checked in class each Friday. The weekly spelling words will be recorded in the Green Notebook on Monday.

Please check your child's Take Home Folder each day for mail. Any notes for the office or for me need to be placed in this folder. 

Please make sure to label ALL of your child's uniform apparel as well as outerwear and any other item that is brought into school.

All the best for a happy and healthy week ahead!
Mrs. Cooke