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Religion - This week we will complete Chapter 5 and begin Chapter 6, our final chapter in our Reconciliation Book. We will discuss the meaning of the words "confess" and "penance". We will also listen to the story of "The Good Shepherd" and relate this story to how we can become like lost sheep when we sin and turn away from God's love but through Reconciliation we can find our way back to Jesus because He will always look for us and bring us back to be with Him. Each day we will be
 preparing our hearts for Jesus' coming now that we are in the Season of Advent by praying around our Advent Wreath each day. The children have received their Advent Good Deeds Calendar which they are asked to follow and complete during the upcoming weeks of the Advent Season. 
*Please have your child continue to say the Act of Contrition at home each night.
**Please remember to pray one Hail Mary each night to the Blessed Mother Mary, our class saint. 

Math - We continue to learn about the concept of regrouping when adding. Our lessons this week will focus on adding 2 two digit numbers, rewriting two digit addition sentences, making a model to solve word problems, as well as reviewing all the steps of regrouping. Please utilize the connected website for review work and activities related to this chapter. Math homework will be given on Monday through Thursday of this week.

ELA - This week the story in our reader, "Baby Bear", will again concentrate on the  topic of how offspring are like their parents. We will also review the characteristics of an expository text.
  In Phonics, the children will review the new syllable type known as the vowel consonant e long vowel syllable and the exception syllable of "ive" by utilizing them in two syllable words. A Phonics Check up on this topic will be given on Tuesday. Later in the week, the class will be introduced to the next syllable type known as the open syllable. Please see the phonics packet that will be sent home later this week regarding this topic. It is important that the children practice their Phonics skills nightly in order to meet with success in this area. The class will not have a Spelling Test this week, nor will they be given new Spelling words. In Grammar, we will work on irregular plural nouns. The children also will complete their descriptive writing piece about Santa's Workshop.