Class News

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Religion - This week we will be working on Chapter 2 in our Eucharist Book. We will be focusing on the gathering part of the Mass, discussing how we can prepare ourselves for the Mass through song and prayer and reinforcing the responses at the beginning of Mass so as to understand the importance of participating in order to make the Mass more meaningful. Please make every effort to join your child on this on their sacramental journey by bringing them to Mass each weekend and encouraging conversation at home. This will give the children a chance to share what they have learned in class and help both parent and child to gain a deeper understanding of this beautiful sacrament. 

Math - The children will continue working on addition in the hundreds by regrouping tens when adding, adding 3 digit numbers with regrouping, rewriting 3 digit addition sentences, and using guess, check, and revise strategies when adding. The children should continue practicing their addition and subtraction facts each day by utilizing the flash cards which they have made. Please utilize the Connected website at home for further reinforcement of this topic. This week, homework will be assigned from Monday through Thursday in this subject.

E.L.A. - We will explore the theme of how the Earth changes by reading the stories "Into the Sea" and "Volcanoes" in our readers. The children will be given their 15 spelling words on Monday and a Spelling Test will take place on Friday. In phonics the class will review the r-controlled syllables of "er", "ir", and "ur" and identifying them in 2 syllable words. An assessment will take place on Thursday. Please utilize the packet about this topic that was distributed last week. It is imperative that the children practice the phonics exercises from their packet nightly so as to meet with success in spelling and decoding words. In grammar, we will be working on helping verbs and using them to build more interesting sentences. 

Social Studies -
In conjunction with our reader, we will continue exploring the world that we live in. We will focus on learning the names of the seven continents, understanding their features and locations on the map.

*Please sign all homework each night as well as the reading log. All reading logs will be checked on Friday. All graded tests will be sent home in a packet this week on Tuesday and are to be brought back signed the following day.