Upcoming Events

The second grade will continue working on Ch.8 in their Eucharist book. The children have been practicing how to receive Jesus in the Eucharist using unconsecrated hosts.

Our next topic is how to count money in Ch. 10; the children will be learning to calculate the amount of money using pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  

We will continue with Unit 13 and focus on the double syllable pairs, "oa", "oe", and "ow" in multisyllabic words.  Please practice these skills with your child at home.  

The children will learn 15 new words and have a spelling test on Friday with sentence dictation.

The class will work on the possessive pronouns: their, your, and its.  They will learn how to differentiate them from the contractions: they're, you're, and it's. 

Our reading selections this week answer the question: "How can we protect Earth?".  The children will share  "The Art Project" and "The Woodcutter's Gift". We will explore some of the ways we can help our Earth, including designing posters about reusing, reducing, and recycling materials. 

Our next topic of study will be rocks and minerals.  The children will learn how to identify the three types of rocks and some of the properties that are used to describe minerals.


The HEPP  Program continues this week.

Best Regards,

Mrs Ciano

Reminder: Poster Project fact sheet due: April 27th.