WHAT'S NEW IN CLASS 2-2:                          Illustration Of A Jack_o_lantern And A Black Cat.png


We will begin preparing for the sacrament of Reconciliation as we discuss how to be friends with God.  The children will explore how Mary and the prophets cooperated with God's plan to send the world a Savior, Jesus.  The students will bring home their book each night to share with their parents. 

The Saint Report information went home last week; all reports are due back on November 6th.  Please check the bottom of the sheet for your child's presentation date. 
Please pray the Hail Mary at home each day in honor of Second Grade's patron saint, Our Blessed Mother.  


This week our class will relate inches, feet, and yards and learn how to choose the correct measuring tool.  We will use our measurement skills to solve word problems.



Fifteen spelling words will be assigned this week; a test with dictation of two sentences will be given on Friday.  These words, along with all homework assignments, will be written in the green notebook.  Spelling homework should always be done in the green notebook.


This week we will take a break from our reading series and share stories from the classic book, "Frog & Toad Are Friends".  The students will be working on various language activities from these stories over the next two weeks. 

Remember that reading logs should be filled in and checked each night; they are due at school each Friday.


The children will continue to develop their grammar skills as they learn how to expand and combine sentences.  


Students will write more detailed sentences in this week's writing assignment which is based on a Halloween character or object. 


Please review the Wilson Language packet that went home last Monday in your child's folder. It outlines Unit 3, which introduces the closed syllable exception sounds of: ild, ind, old, olt, and ost. A quiz is planned for Thursday. 


We will review all five vertebrate animal groups in preparation for our science test on October 25th.  Use the study guide that will go home this week and the blue science notebook to get ready for the test. A take home quiz on this material will go home on Thursday and is due back Friday.  

Mrs. Ciano
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D3 Day on Monday, Oct. 16th

Use the Connected Website to reinforce math and reading skills.

IOWA Testing will be completed this Tuesday and  Wednesday. Rest well, eat breakfast, and bring extra #2 pencils to school.