Upcoming Events

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The second grade will focus on preparing for the Lenten Season and will receive ashes on Ash Wednesday.  Please make every effort to attend Sunday Mass each week with your children as they prepare to make their First Holy Communion in the Spring.  

Please continue to review number facts with your child.  This will help them improve the speed and accuracy of their computation.  We will begin doing minute speed drills to reinforce these facts.  A test for Ch. 6, addition of three-digit numbers, is planned for March 1st.  


Unit 10 information will be sent home on Monday and introduces the double syllable pairs, "ai" and "ay".  A quiz is planned for March 2nd. Please practice these skills with your child at home.   

A test will be given on Friday for 15 new spelling words. 

The class will learn about irregular past tense verbs this week and use them to write a St. Patrick's Day story.  

Our reading selections, "Happy New Year" and "Dear Primo" , explore how children around the world are different.  These stories tie in nicely with our March Book Project about our family's ethnic and cultural ancestry.

Social Studies
Information on "Our Ancestors and Their Homelands" Project is due home this March 14th.  The children will be working in groups to build models of Earth and learning about the location and characteristics of the seven continents.  A quiz on the continents and their locations on the world map is planned for March 3rd.  

Mrs Ciano