Our May Crowning and Breakfast is almost here!  Please look for a memo with important reminders that will go home on Tuesday.  
We continue to honor Mary this month as the children recite a decade of the Rosary each day. Every student will have an opportunity to take a statue of The Blessed Mother home to their family.  This is a beautiful way to honor Mary and help your child develop a special relationship with Jesus' mother. 

Ascension Thursday is a half day; the children will attend the 9:00 a.m. Mass.

Our class will complete the unit on data analysis and graphing; a test is planned on Ch. 11 this Thursday.  Please continue to review addition and subtraction facts at home with your child.


A quiz on Unit 15 (double vowel pairs "oo", "ou", "ue", and "ew") is scheduled for Wednesday.  Please review this material at home.

There will not be a test this Friday.  A spelling bee will be held instead using ten "May Crowning" words. 

The class will continue learning about adjectives and how they add details to nouns in a sentence. 

We will have our reading test this week on "The Golden Flower" as we continue the theme of : "What do myths help us understand?" .  

Our junior geologists will take their science test on rocks and minerals this Thursday; a study guide will go home on Monday.


The HEPP  Program will not be held due to the May Crowning. 

Best Regards,

Mrs Ciano


*School is closed Friday and Monday for Memorial Day.