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                  *School is closed Thurs., March 23rd for Teacher's  Conference.               

The second grade will continue working on Ch.5 in their Eucharist book.  The focus this week is "The Offertory" at Mass and what the gifts represent. Encourage your children to use the Lenten resources sent home  to make their journey to Easter more meaningful. Please make every effort to attend Sunday Mass each week with your children as they prepare to make their First Holy Communion in the Spring. 

Please continue to review number facts with your child.  This will help them improve the speed and accuracy of their computation.  Subtraction of three-digit numbers continues as we work through word problems and subtracting across zeros. 


Unit 11 information was sent home last Monday and introduced the double syllable pairs, "ea, ee, and ey".  This week we will use these vowel teams in two-syllable words. Please practice these skills with your child at home.   

A test will be given on Friday for 15 new spelling words. 

The class will continue learning about contractions and begin studying pronouns.

Our reading selections this week focus on the theme of citizenship, as we read, "A Difficult Decision" from our reader and share the Read Works article, "Coming to America".

 Social Studies
The students will study how to "read" a map and will build three-dimensional models of some of the landforms and bodies of water that make up our Earth. They will continue to study the various customs, cultures, and traditions of some of the world's countries.

Best Regards,
Mrs Ciano