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 What's new during the Week of May 24th:


This week we will continue to learn about the saints as we read about St. Catherine of Sienna, St. Theresa, and St. Luke.  The children will talk about how they can share their lives with others like these great saints as we spread our faith through our words and actions.  

The students have been practicing for their May Crowning Mass; if your child was assigned a reading, please go it with them at home.

May is the month we honor our Blessed Mother; we will be praying a decade of the Rosary each day.  Please bring in Rosary beads.  Our Rosary Box will be going home each day with one student (not on Friday) so the children may share this beautiful devotion to Our Blessed Mother with their families.


We will complete our unit on data analysis as the children analyze line plots and review the concepts already covered.  A test for Ch. 11 is planned for Wed, May 23rd.

We will begin our geometry unit later in the week as two-dimensional shapes and their sides and angles are introduced.



This week's Essential Question, "How do we use energy?" will be explored in our two reading selections, "Pedal Power" and "My Light".  


Please refer to the handout covering Unit 14, which went home Monday.  It explains the  double vowel pairs, "ou", "oo", and, "ue", which are found in soup, school, and blue.  We will be working on multisyllabic words using these pairs.  A quiz is planned for Thursday.  


The children will learn how to use the articles a, an, the, these,  and those correctly in a sentence. 


Please use the study guide and notes sent home last week to prepare for the test on rocks this Wednesday, May 23rd.  The class will begin our next science unit on plants at the end of the week as they study seeds and roots.


Jeanne Ciano


Please wear your gym uniform for the Walkathon on Thursday, May 24th.  The date was changed due to rain last week.  
Send in your child Communion banner for the Communion Breakfast.