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We will continue to do our 'One Good Deed A Day' during Lent. We will also follow the life of St. Joseph, foster father to Jesus and Patron Saint of all Fathers.
On Tuesday the third grade will be attending the 9:00 mass with the parishioners of St. Barnabus.  All are welcome. 

Our reading essential question is "How can others inspire us?"  This will be introduced by means of poems.

Math test is on Tuesday.  We will then be on Book Two of our series!

Posters are almost finished on our Science/Social Studies projects.  Presentations are being practiced so we can begin assessing them on the 26th.

Women's project due on Friday, the 23rd.

Raffle tickets went home today where there are  big prizes to win!

Please read the email from our class parents.  It entails all the great things happening in March.