Monthly Book Reports

Image result for May We will read, The One and Only Ivan, in class. I have some copies and I know some students have one. Please don't purchase it but if you can get it from your local library that would be great. I'm on the hunt for more copies! As we read through the month of May we will review: Main Idea Theme Characters and Traits Elements of a Story Summary Figurative Language and have fun! Most assignments will be completed in class but some may be for home. April Genre : Poetry Choose a book of poetry (Look on GOOGLE classroom for Ideas and Project Details) March Genre: Non-Fiction - (Information/Facts) Choose a topic that you like... Animals? Science? History? Dinosaurs? Math? Your Choice........... Book Report: GOOGLE SLIDE...Due March 23 Students will get directions that will explain the project on Friday March 9 Image result for non fiction February Genre: Fantasy Fiction We will read the same book in class, there will be class assignments and activities, some required reading at home and a final project that will be completed in school.

The book title will be announced to the classes in early February.

So Exciting!!!

January Genre: Historical Fiction 
Historical fiction presents a story set in the past, often during a significant time period. In historical fiction, the time period is an important part of the setting and often of the story itself.
Please consider a time in history that we may discuss in Social Studies class or a story that the setting is New York. Use this link  and/or this link to help look for a book.

Copy of the Project will be on GOOGLE classroom.

December Genre: Christmas Story 
Details on GOOGLE classroom.....(This one is one of my favorites)

November Genre : Biography
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Image result for Mystery
Please find a mystery that you'd like to read by October 1
The Book Report was assigned today (9/21)! There is an extra copy available for you in the left column. The Due Date is October 28, 2017.