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Extra Credit Opportunity!!!!! 
I have created an Optional Math Practice Packet for any student who is interested in practicing their math skills over break. The NYS Math Test will take place May 2-May 4. Therefore, it would be extremely helpful if the students practiced their skills over Easter Recess. The students will be receiving this packet on Wednesday, April 12. It is due the day we return from break, April 24.

This Week!
*Tuesday: Additional Band Day

*Wednesday: Prayer Day

*Thursday: Holy Thursday - No School

*Friday: Good Friday - No School

**Have a WONDERFUL Easter Break!! :) 

Check it out!

Fourth graders and their families have free entry to state and national parks through August 31, 2017! 

Visit https://everykidinapark.gov/ for more information on how to obtain your free pass!


Please make sure you write your child's name inside any sweater, coat, bag, etc. that is brought to school. 

This year each grade is assigned a color. Fourth grade is 
WHITEThis will not only be our color for Field Day, but we ask that students and their parents try to wear their grade's color to any SEAS event they attend!

Scholastic Orders 
Class Code: NPLYN

What Are We Learning?

- The focus for this week is Chapter 11: We Love All That Is Holy. In this chapter, the students study the true meaning behind the second commandment. They learn that people who seek to honor God show both reverence for God's name and respect for the persons, places, and things related to his service and worship.

Math- The students are studying Geometry in Chapters 6 and 7. Topics for this week include triangles, quadrilaterals, and lines of symmetry.

Science- The students are currently studying Chapter 11: Matter. Topics for this week include the properties of matter and how matter can change. 

ReadingStudents are learning about the difference between theme and main idea.
 We will soon begin new novels in book clubs!

*Please visit Miss Brennan's class page for any information about ELA and Social Studies!

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