4th Grade Homework Policy
Homework Policy

Homework will be given in most of the major subject areas every day except Friday.

Students will copy their assignments and other important information into their planners each day. In the beginning of the year I will check and that all students copy down the homework correctly each day. I ask that you check and sign your child’s planner on a daily basis. I encourage all students to take responsibility for their work.

Oops Slips- Students will fill out an “Oops Slip” when a homework assignment is not done or incomplete. The teacher will determine whether the homework will be completed during recess or at home that night. After a student receives three “Oops Slips”, the next missed homework will be a yellow light. After 3 yellow lights, the next missed homework will result in a red light.

Projects will be given periodically throughout the year. The projects will also be incorporated into the assessment of student progress. Ample time will be given to ensure projects are completed before they are due.

This year in the fourth grade we are implementing something new!

Test Folder Tuesday

On Tuesdays Mrs. Conway and I will send home a yellow test folder. This will have all the most recent tests your child has taken in BOTH classes. We ask that you review the tests with your child, sign the folder and the tests and return it the next day.