5th Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade!  
This year promises to be an exciting and educational school year.


Our curriculum covers the geography and growth of the United States, beginning with the Native American tribes of each region, and following through with explorers, settlers, and independence.  Math covers an expansive set of skills including Fractions, Decimals, Geometry, Problem Solving, and Algebra.  The Science program allows us to explore everything from plants and ecosystems, to our wide Solar System.  Religion will give the students a deeper understanding of the seven Sacraments, while they develop a more meaningful relationship with God.  Language Arts will also cover a wide range of skills in writing, literature, and grammar. 


In fifth grade, the students are encouraged to develop good work and study habits, while meeting an increase in academic demands and expectations.  In addition, they will be challenged to develop independent thinking, a greater sense of responsibility, as well as positive social skills.