We will be having a working snack in the classroom, so please send in a healthy snack and water, as well as tree-nut free due to food allergies in the classroom.
We enjoy celebrating birthdays, so if you plan on sending in special treats please make sure they are tree-nut free, since we have food allergies in the classroom.
Homework is written on the blackboard in the classroom.  Students are responsible for copying their homework in their planners.


 We will learn about types of sentences, parts of sentences, subjects, editing passages. We are also learning new vocabulary through reading different genres of text, using context clues by filling in the blanks of sentences, synonyms, antonyms, match the meaning, word associations, word study, and shades of meaning.  We are learning skills such as finding main idea, key details, compare and contrast, and fact and opinion.

*Book report schedule is in the E.L.A. tab to the left.    Scholastic Book order are due on 1/29/18.

Social Studies: Unit 2 Cultures Meet.     We will be learning about the Age of Exploration and Building the First Colonies.     

Health‚Äč We will begin learning about making good and appropriate decision making, as well as bullying and being a bystander. 
Religion        We are in Unit 2 We Celebrate the Eucharist.
We will learn about how we come together to celebrate, how we listen to God's word, how we praise and thank God, how we receive Holy Communion, how we are sent to Glorify the Lord.    

Thank you so much for your support!

Ms. Wilken                                                                


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