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                                             November 12, 2018

A note about pictures........ Nursery will have pictures taken at a later date.  No pictures tomorrow!   

Hello Nursery Families!

Welcome to the month of November!
This month we celebrate, "being thankful".
We will be mindful of using the words
"thank you" to our classmates and teachers.
We will discuss what it means to be thankful
and be able to name people and things we are
thankful for.

 We have begun to work on our color 
book. We will be concentrating on
the colors red and blue for this week.
Let's add to the fun and wear a red or
blue blouse, dress, shirt or pants that
for this week! (if possible).

 We will discover that lines are not
always straight! Tracing lines with
our dot markers will be challenging
and fun. The children will recognize
spatial terms such as beginning,
middle and end. 

Our sheep paintings are ready 
to be placed in our pretend
meadow. They have been
drying all weekend! Jesus 
guides us, and knows us by
name. He is our shepherd,
and we are His flock. He
takes care of us all!

The nursery children will 
participate in their first
Thanksgiving Prayer Service
Wednesday, November 21st,
at 10:15 am. 

All are invited to join us
for our special celebration.

We look forward to a wonderful 


Mrs. Jane Cappiello
Mrs. Doreen Shanley









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