Nursery Program

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Welcome All!                  May 22, 2018

Our class friendships have developed
over the past nine months into an
acceptance of one another and a true 
joy of spending time with eachother.
We will focus this week on how we
have learned to be a good friend to our
classmates. We will learn how Jesus
was a good friend, especially to 
children. We have a new song to
share about friendships; "Friends
are like Flowers".

The children have been learning
to care for our butterfly "new life"
project. They have been observing
the insects and reporting to the
class what they see. Some very active 
ladybugs will be joining our Nursery
Class this week and we will welcome
them by reading The Very Grouchy
Ladybug by Eric Carle.

Information regarding Field Day for
the Nursery children will be sent home
on Tuesday. We are looking forward to
a fun week!

Always learning,

Mrs. Jane Cappiello
Mrs. Doreen Shanley

                              EMBRACE ONE ANOTHER








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