Computer Technology

In the Lab

ALL STUDENTS 3rd - 8th Grade have an year log subscription to the Qwerty Town Porgram. It is a web based program that can be accessed from any computer. We will be using the program in class and I strongly encourage you to have your student(s) play at home as well. It teaches keyboarding skills while having fun! You can use the link listed in my subpages or access it by clicking To log in, your students username is: First Initial + Last Name (First letter capitalized). Example: KSileo And your student's password: seas2017. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

ALL STUDENTS 8th-4th Grade have a year long subscription to Brain Pop. Their user name and password was given to them by their homeroom teacher. Brain Pop is a great educational tool! I encourage you to ask you student about it! You can access it by using the link in my subpages or by clicking:  Log in and check it out. If you have questions feel free to email me.

Middle School

The students did a great job on their STEM Fair projects! Judging is under way and the winners will be announced soon!

The Middle School is working in a program called Future Smart. It is provided by the MassMutual Foundation. It provided students with the 21 century tools they need to make good financial decisions now and as they move forward in their lives. This is accomplished through a compelling narrative in which students play the Mayor of a town, this course brings complex financial concepts to life in an engaging and fun way.

MassMutual FutureSmart National Video from EverFi on Vimeo.

5-4th Grade
Students are working on a program called Vault. This program is provided by Ocean Financial Federal Credit Union. Financial capability is an increasingly important skill, and it's never too early to start building this skill. In Vault, students will learn about banking, budgeting, saving, and many other important topics.

Vault Course Overview from EverFi on Vimeo.

3rd Grade
‚ÄčThe students are beginning their Typing Unit. They will be using a program called Qwerty Town. QwertyTown is a web-based keyboarding app that teaches typing and online communication skills. Students are driven to succeed by QwertyTown's games, rewards, social motivation, powerful teacher reports, and a deep understanding of how keyboarding skills improve their lives in and out of school.

1st & 2nd Grade

The students are starting to learn about the keys on the keyboard and what they do. They will be focusing on hand and finger placement. They will be learning letter placement on the keyboard as well. They will be learning by reviewing and playing games such as Ghost Typing Jr. and Jump key on the websire They will also by using a program Dance Mat Typing. They can practice at home by visiting the website: The will also be introduced to MS Word.


The students are continuing to learn about the keys on the keyboard and what they do. They are also beginning learn to use two hands when pressing keys as well as letter placement. We are practicing by reviewing and playing games such as: Type Rocket Jr., Keyboard Zoo, Keyboard Zoo 2, Ghost Typing Jr., and Jump Key.  They games can be played at home on