Welcome to Mrs. Pugliese's Kindergarten Class
(where we EMBRACE friendship!)

WEEK OF: December 11, 2017

Last week was another fun, busy week in Kindergarten. I am so proud of an amazing job at their Advent Lessons and Carols and their Nativity. They were perfect. Thank you for being there to witness how truly perfect they were.
In academics, students reviewed sight words, finished their Unit 2 readers, finished Chapter 4 in math where they learned about positional words and made packets, and they focused on two Bible stories about Jonah and the Whale and Noah's Ark. We also discussed the reason we were off on Friday - the feast day of Immaculate Conception. It was a productive week! 

In Fundations, every morning, we review all sight words and letters that we have learned so far this year in Kindergarten.
The sight words include:
I, can, the, we, see, a, like 
The letters include: t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o, a
This week, students will review the consonant Gg. They will:
* use picture cards to elicit words that begin with "g"
* chart "g" words
* color and trace the letter "g" and a game
* feel the letter "g" on a card that has the letter "g" written in sandpaper
* use white boards and dry erase markers/erasers to form the letter "g"
* demonstrate "g" words by selecting surprise words that begin with "g" in a special backpack
Please continue to reinforce and review all sight words and letters and sounds

In reading, we will begin Unit 3 (week 1) readers. Essential Question:
What rules do we follow in different places?
Phonics letter: I
Sight word: to
Listening comprehension read alouds:
"How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?" and "Be Safe"
Reading stories:
"Can I Pat It?" and "Tim Can Tip It"
In math, students will begin Chapter 5: Two-dimensional shapes. This week, students will focus on the essential question, "How can I compare shapes?" Students will be able to name, identify, and describe:
squares and rectangles
circles and triangles

In religion, students will continue to learn about Advent, the preparation of four weeks before Christmas. They will color the second candle on their Advent wreaths for the second Sunday in Advent.  
Also, students will listen to more Bible stories from the Children's Bible. They will listen and discuss the story, watch the video, and will color the picture and trace the words that explain the story. This week, we will focus on:
David and Goliath
Daniel and the Lion's Den
Baby Moses


Monday - Art

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - Computer

Thursday - Gym

Friday - Spanish and Music


Monday, 12/11:
 8:30 AM Student Prayer Service
Band concert/Chorus/Nativity at 7:00 PM for students in Grades 4 - 8

Tuesday, 12/12:
The students will have a bus drill at 9:45 AM.
Today is a GUT day (Gym Uniform Today). ALL students in Grades K - 8 may wear GYM uniforms to school today!
Family Night Out - Red Robin on Merrick Road

Wednesday, 12/13:
 11:15 AM Early dismissal for parent/teacher conferences

Thursday, 12/14:
Christmas Boutique
(the 7th Grade Prayer Pals will help the Kindergarteners shop)
Friday, 12/15:
Today is a Dress Down Day!

Sunday, 12/17:
Third Week of Advent

* Student council is sponsoring a Toy Drive at SEAS. Please bring in an unwrapped toy to our school if you can! Toys are due Monday, December 11th. Thank you!

Looking forward to another great week together!

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