Welcome to Mrs. Pugliese's Kindergarten Class!

Week of: March 20, 2017

It was a great start to the beginning of the school year from September - December, and I'm looking forward to more enjoyment and more learning at SEAS. It is going to be awesome to watch their continued growth from now until June with respect, responsibility, and reverence.

We have a great program at our school titled, Ambassadors of Christ. These are children who are followers of Jesus Christ and of his ways.

March's Ambassador is Anthony Rugen 

In October, we recognized Emma Doherty;
in November, we recognized Connell Faver;
in December, we recognized Hailey Albanese;
in January, we recognized Nicholas Gelish;
in February, we recognized Julianna Fiumano.
Congratulations to all!

In addition to our monthly ambassador, we also have a  
Star of the Week in our classroom.

This week's star is Julianna Fiumano

Previously, we have had Bella Clinton, Harper Albanese, Allie Wolken,
Justin LaGreco, Jacob Tibay, Dominick Ciano, and Logan Dillworth. 
Congrats to all!

During this season of Lent, we are actively praying, learning, and trying to remember our Lenten promises to better ourselves. The students have begun practicing for their Lenten prayer service on Thursday, March 30th, and they are doing a great job! Lent is a time of reflection on the passion of Jesus; 40 days in which we reflect on the hugeness of what our Salvation is and the plan that God had for each of us through Jesus. The children will continue to learn about this wonderful season during our liturgical year and will share the concepts of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Students made Lenten crosses which are hanging in our classroom, next to their Lenten promises. In addition, they are coloring a booklet and learning about the Stations of the Cross and Jesus' suffering, death, and resurrection. 

During the last few weeks, students have had lots of fun learning about past and present presidents, dental health, and most recently, we celebrated Dr. Seuss! Two weeks ago, students learned about Dr. Seuss (did you know he wasn't a real doctor?), listened to his fun, rhyming stories, watched videos, made striped hats, made oobleck (from Bartholomew and the Oobleck), and ate their very own Green Eggs and Ham! What a great time, and a delicious meal! They all wanted seconds!

Last week, students enjoyed a snow day on Tuesday. In religion, students practiced in the HFC and in the classroom for their prayer service. They learned about St. Patrick and St. Joseph - they watched videos, listened to stories, and colored activities. Students made shamrock crafts that depicted the three leaves on the shamrocks being the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In reading, we are working in our Unit 5 reader, "Wonders of Nature." Students pondered the essential question, "How do living things change as they grow?" Students learned a new sight word (are), and practiced listening comprehension (listening to stories such as "A Grand Old Tree" and "From a Seed to a Tree"), and read a story titled, "Ed and Ned!" Students practiced whole group and individual instruction with reading and writing materials. They were also assessed on reading a grade level story in a booklet to me. In math, we have started Chapter 8. This chapter is introducing addition. Students used objects and stories to draw pictures and visualize the addition process. They learned the "+" and "=" symbols.
It was a productive, fun week!

This week, students will continue practice in the HFC for their Lenten prayer service. Letters were distributed last week indicating if your child is carrying an object or performing a reading (or both). Please ensure practice for the readings. Students will continue our daily review of our Fundations program. They will practice letter recognition, sounds, sight words, and sentence reading. They will focus on the letter "v." In reading, students will conclude the Unit 5 reader. The essential question is, "What kinds of things grow on a farm?" The sight words are he and with. They will practice listening comprehension stories such as "An Orange in January," and "Farmers' Market." And will read, "Ron with Red." They will read as a whole group, and individually. In math, students will continue in Chapter 8: Addition. They will answer, "How Many in All?" will problem solve by writing number sentences, and add to make ten. By the end of the week, students will have a fluency practice and a review.

Weekly Reminders:

Tuesday, 3/21 - Creative Arts 2:15 - 3:45 PM
and SPIRIT meeting in Faculty Room at 7:30 PM

Wednesday, 3/22 - Family Night Out at Chili's in Westbury from 5:00 - 9:00 PM 

Thursday, 3/23 - School closed for Teachers' Conference Day

Specials Schedule:

Monday - Art
Tuesday - Music
*Wednesday - Gym 
Thursday - Spanish
Friday - Computer

*Wear gym uniforms and sneakers every Wednesday.

*Nightly homework consists of a math sheet, writing in the Fundations journal, and reading the assigned book in the book bag. Please complete the reading log and report (that will be distributed each Monday) and hand in by Wednesday of each week. On Wednesday, you will then receive a reader and be expected to read for fluency an assigned story, with no written work attached to that.