Welcome to Mrs. Pugliese's Kindergarten Class
(where we EMBRACE friendship!)

WEEK OF: March 19, 2018

Last week was another busy, fun-filled week in Kindergarten! The students learned and observed what happens in different kinds of weather, they began subtraction and subtracted by listening to stories, finished their Stations of the Cross booklets, practiced for our upcoming Lenten Prayer Service, and celebrated St. Patrick on Friday! We had a great week!

Looking ahead to this week...

In religion, students will continue to embark on their Lenten journey. We have been practicing in our classrooms and in the chapel for our prayer service. They are doing a great job! Please continue to practice their readings with them if they have a reading part. The prayer service will be held this Thursday, March 22nd, in the Holy Family Chapel.
Also, they will continue to read in the Children's Bible and learn about two new stories:
Jesus makes his first miracle
Jesus' miracle feeds thousands of people
Students will listen to the stories, color the scenes, watch the videos, and trace the words.

In Fundations, every morning, we review all sight words and letters that we have learned so far this year in Kindergarten.
The sight words include:
I, can, the, we, see, a, like, to, and, go, you, do, my, are, he, with, is, little, she, was 
The letters include: t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, e, r, p, j, l, h, k, v
This week, students will review the consonant Ww.
This week, students will:

* use picture cards to elicit words that begin with "w"
* feel the letter "w" on a card that has the letter "w" written in sandpaper
* chart "w" words
*color and trace the letter "w" and wind
* use white boards and dry erase markers/erasers to form the letter "w"
* demonstrate "w" words by selecting surprise words that begin with "w" in a special Clifford backpack
* we will have a Fundations assessment by the end of this week
Please continue to reinforce and review all sight words and letters and sounds.

In reading, we will conclude in our Unit 6 (week 3) readers.
Essential Question:
How can you stay safe in bad weather? 
We will discuss and chart responses.
Phonics letters: review
Sight words: review (are, he, is, little, my, she, was, with) 
Listening comprehension read alouds:
"Waiting out the Storm" (skill - key details)
"Be Safe in Bad Weather" (strategy - visualize)
Whole Group/Small Group/Individual/ Reading stories:
"Mack and Ben" 
* A letter was distributed two weeks ago explaining our weekly "Book in a Bag" assignment. Your child will receive a ziploc bag on Mondays with a leveled reader, a book report form, and an index card (which will stay in the bag at all times). He/she is to read the book several times for fluency and practice throughout the week, complete the sheet, and return by Friday. Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns. Thank you.
In math, students will continue in Chapter 9 - Subtraction 
Students will:
* use the symbol (=) in subtraction sentences.
* use concrete objects to show how many are left.
* write a number sentence to solve subtraction problems.
* take apart 10 by subtracting.

The 4th Grade SEAS students are working on a community project in keeping the St. Barnabas Food Pantry full. There will be a box in the lobby for non-perishable donations during Lent. If you have anything to donate, please send in. Thank you!

Operation Rice Bowl is in full effect this Lent. "Rice Bowl" is a special Lenten program of Catholic Relief Services, which gives us a unique opportunity to pray, fast, learn, and share as we are called to do during Lent. Please try to fill the "bowl" with change. The proceeds of Operation Rice Bowl 2018 should be collected during the week of March 26th, in the form of currency or checks made out to "Saint Barnabas Parish." Thank you for anything you can do to help contribute!

Mrs. Sileo has distributed usernames and passwords to the Discovery Education site. It is a great website with a vast amount of videos and educational information. Please have fun visiting the site. Also, Mrs. Sileo has a lot of links on her computer page, so be sure to check her page out too.

Lastly, the pretzels were left out of the hot lunch rotation and therefore no pre paying and no tickets are available.
If your child wants to purchase a pretzel, he/she needs to bring in cash on Tuesday. 
This will only be for the month of March.

Liana Melaccio

Previous Stars:
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Monday - Art

Tuesday - Library 

Wednesday - Computer 

Thursday - Gym

Friday - Spanish and Music


Monday, 3/19:
9:00 AM Mass with prayer pals
Tuesday, 3/20:
Happy first day of spring!
Family Night Out - Anthony's Coal Fire Pizza
3430 Sunrise Highway in Wantagh

Wednesday, 3/21:
Student Lenten Prayer Service at 8:30 AM - gym
SPIRIT meeting - 7:30 PM - Faculty Room

Thursday, 3/22:
 Lenten Prayer Service - 9:00 AM - HFC
Parent Workshop and Report Card Distribution - 7:00 PM

Friday, 3/23:
Have a great weekend!

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