Welcome to Mrs. Sylvan and Mrs. Wykert's 
Kindergarten class.
We work hard, have fun and Embrace kindness!!

What's Happening This Week?
(May 21 to May 25)

What a fun week we had. 

The children looked great in all  of their fun outfits.
The week ended with a special treat from the ice cream truck. Thank you Ms. Graziose and Student Council for the special treat.

The children are getting ready for Field Day. 
The school is divided up into 3 teams. (we are the white team). Notes will follow as the day gets closer.  The children got together with their teams and practiced their cheers. 

SEAS loves team work!   


We have finished formerly reviewing our letters in Fundations  however, we will continue to drill our letters and sounds. The children are doing great with the digraphs as well.

The children continue to work in their Fundations workbooks. They review letters as well as 2 words for each letter. A great review!

  As we do each week, we will be reviewing all letters we have learned so far.  The children will use the white boards and tile boards to review letters and sight words.

We will continue to we drill our letters and sounds.
Our letters up to this point are:
t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o, a, g, d, s, e, d, j, p, l, h, k , v, w, y, z and qu


Unit 9, week 1

Sight words:

The children did a wonderful job reviewing our last 10 sight words. Continue using index cards at home. It is a good reinforcement.
for, have, they, of, said, want, here, me, this & what

Our sight words for t
his week are

help, too

Weekly Concept
Growing Up

Essential Question
How can you help out at home?
(Enjoy this one moms and dads).

Reading Story
Jake and Dale Help!
See how the two boys make helping at home look fun!

Listening Comprehension 

We continue discussing characters, setting and plot.
This is a great  introduction for reading comprehension. What are we reading and what is it about?

Letter Sounds 

Our readers are introducing the long vowel sounds. We will discuss some of the tricks in recognizing and hearing the long vowel sound however, this is more of a first grade skill.

The children will learn about the silent  "e" and how it tells the first vowel to say it's name.
The "e" does the walking, the other vowel does the talking.

Ex. ate, safe, fame, bake, make & rate
  Our sight words we have learned:
I , can, the, we, see, a, like, to, and, go, do, you, my,  are, he, with, is , little, she, was, and,
 with, have, for of and they, want, this, what, here, me, said, this & what.

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The children had the week off but Book in a Bag is back.  

Look out for your new book. Happy reading!

The children will continue chapter 11

Lessons include:

-compose numbers 16-19

-decompose numbers 16-19

My review of chapter 11


We will discuss Pentecost
(Pentecost is Good)
Pentecost is the coming of the holy spirit after Jesus ascends to heaven.

"Air is Good"
We will discuss how the holy spirit is with us.

We continue discussing May in preparation for the May Crowning. The children have been doing a great job with the Hail Mary during our morning prayer.

We continue to talk about how God gives us new life.

The children had a great time planting seeds with their prayer pals. The children have developed  a sweet friendship and admiration for their new friends.

The children are excited to see sprouts popping up already.

The children might have mentioned that our first batch of caterpillars did not do well. The children have been very grown up accepting and understanding the concept of life and death.  We have 5 new caterpillars and are excited and hopeful.

As you know, Kindergarten is the host of the June mass which is June 7th. 
 We will begin practicing in church this week. 

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    Lea is our  Star Student. The children are excited to celebrate and learn more about their friend. We look forward to her show and tell on Friday.

Thank you Thomas for being such a great Star Student.
I loved your show and tell.  It was fun seeing your drum sticks and mitt.

Your children have truly EMBRACED kindness.

Our star student automatically is the line leader for the week. Whenever we have a birthday, the star student is very willing to give up their job for the day. They know it is a special day for their friend, as he/she celebrates their birthday. That's what it's all about.
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Just a note:

The children are doing a great job on their morning journals.  They are writing beautifully, using spaces, upper case letters and correct punctuation. 

So much fun and exciting learning is going on in Kindergarten.
Keep up the great work!

A Look at the week ahead

Monday - May 21

Tuesday May 22

Wednesday, May 23


Thursday, May 24
walk a thon - (rescheduled) we will be walking around the yard at 9:00. We will walk around approximately 5 times.
Friday, May 25

Have a great, long weekend! 

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Megan  May 10

Shane  May 17

Noelle  May 19