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What's happening this week?
(October 9-13)

I you hope you enjoyed you 3 days off!

This week in Fundations, the children will be working on the letter "n". We will discuss how this is the first letter that is not a skyline letter. The children are getting very comfortable with the language we use when printing our letters.  The children enjoy using their whiteboards to practice new letters and words as well as review previous letters and words.

The children completed the Smart Start Reader and are ready for unit one.  I hope you enjoyed looking over the readers this weekend.  We encourage the children to sit and read the books with mom and dad.  This is a wonderful review and helps build confidence in their reading skills. 
Our first story in unit 1 is about inviting new friends to "Come and Play". The children brainstormed and role played different ways to join in the fun when others are already at play. They really came up with great ideas. Say hi, tell them my name, ask if I can play.
This opened a conversation on EMBRACING KINDNESS.  How can we be followers of Jesus and live the way God wants us to live.

Our sight word this week is "the". The children are doing a wonderful job recognizing and using these words in sentences.

In math we continue our work with 10 frames. We are up to numbers 9 and 10. The children are starting to understand how to fill in the 10 frame:
Count the objects.
Fill in the corresponding number.
Do not skip boxes.
Fill in each box completely.

In religion we will be talking about the story of Creation. We will discuss all the wonderful things God created and how we can take care of and appreciate the beautiful world around us. The children will be adding another page to their Bibles. "Thank you God for Creating the World. We will also discuss Adam and Eve.

As part of fire prevention month, the children are excited to welcome firefighter Mike. Mr. Pugliese will demonstrate and review important strategies to prevent fires. He will also discuss what to do in case there is a fire. Firefighter Mike is wonderful with the children and we are very lucky to have him as part of the SEAS family.

The children continue to do a great job on their homework. Each day I see an improvement and appreciate your support. 

Our class moms this year are Mrs. Colgan (Harper's mom) and Mrs. Flynn (Lily's Mom). They will be reaching out to you for your involvement in class parties and celebrations.

We are up to 21 days of school.  Daily, the children regroup, count by 5's and 10's, add tally marks and add to our gumball machine. They are true mathematicians.

These first 21 days have been absolutely delightful. Our room is filled with faith, friendship and fun.
What  a great way to learn! 


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