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Kindergarten is out of this world!

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This week in kindergarten we studied the holiday of the Groundhog!  We learned more about shadows and how they are made with a source of light.  We also made predisctions of whether the groundhog will see his shadow based on the weather  of the day.  It looks like Phil the Goundhog saw his shadow, so we will have 6 more weeks of winter!

We also had a funfilled week, while we celebrated Catholic Schools Week.  Kids Day was a blast!  We attended an awesome science assembly with Vicky Voltage.  We experimented with Fire and Ice in the gymnasium and it was so cool!  We concluded our week with a special mass with our prayer pals and our school family.  During our mass today we celebrated our opportunity to be a part of a Catholic School and our throats were blessed to celebrate the feast day of St. Blaise.  

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 Congratulations to our new Star Student, Rocco Scavo  
He chose to take Clifford home for the weekend as his prize and he will make an awesome Star Student poster of himself that he will share with us in class. 

Previous Star Students:
Alexander Small
Christian Schwan
Sophia Crosson
Ella Johnson
Keira Bacon
Nessa Schoepfer

Upcoming Events

2/4 SEAS Gala Tonight!

2/8 Fathers Club Meeting Tonight

2/9 D3

2/13 Family Night Out

2/14 Happy Valentin'es Day!

2/16   100th Day of School! (If we do not have any snow days before this point*)

2/20 Presidents' Day!

2/20-2/24 School Closed for Winter Break

2/27 Candy Sale Ends

3/1 Ash Wednesday

3/2 9:00 Mass

3/6 Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration!

3/7 Creative Arts Begins
School Board Meeting Tonight

3/8 Fathers Club Meeting

3/10 Family Bingo!

3/12 Fathers Club Bowling

3/14 Creative Arts

3/15 D3

3/17 Happy St. Patrick's Day
Green Dress Down $2

3/21 Creative Arts
Spirit Meeting

3/22 Family Night Out

3/23 School Closed for Teacher Conference Day

3/28 Creative Arts

3/30 Full Day of School
Kindergarten Lent Prayer Service
Report Card Conferences in the Evening

3/31 Half Day
Report Card Conferences in the Afternoon
District Transportation Deadline

Students Recognized as 

Ambassadors of Christ
Cassie Snow
Alexander Small
Isabella Katechis
Timothy Williams
Shannon Donohue

Specials Schedule

Monday:       Art

Tuesday:    Music  

Wednesday: Gym

Thursday:    Spanish

Friday:      Computer/Library   

 *Please be sure to wear your gym uniform and sneakers to school every Wednesday.  Try to remember to leave your jewelry at home on gym days. 

Arrival: Children should be dropped off in the school yard on Bedford Avenue by 7:55am. A teacher will be on duty before 7:45am. If you wish to stay to see your child off, please have them join our class line, and you may stand to the back or side areas of the school yard. This will facilitate your child’s transition to the school day routine. Children arriving by bus will be met on Washington Avenue by the “bus” teacher on duty, and will be guided to the school yard. During inclement weather, children will enter the school through the main lobby, and line up in the hall outside our classroom. Parents may walk them into the lobby, but are not permitted in this secure hallway.


Dismissal: Children who take a bus will be dismissed by their assigned bus teacher. Walkers

(children who do not take buses at all) will be dismissed from the school doors behind the

convent at 2:15pm. Buses may arrive home later than expected during the first week of school

as drivers meet and greet parents, and become familiar with new routes. *Please send in a note

for any dismissal changes.


Lunch: Kindergarten children will have snack in the morning, and lunch at 11:30am. Both lunch

and snack may be kept in the lunchbox. Recess begins at 12:00pm.

* If your child is buying lunch, please put lunch ticket in a sealed and labeled envelope in his/her

folder. (See lunch schedule on SEAS calendar)

* Lunch orders must be made prior to each month.


Backpacks and folders: Each child should bring a backpack and folder every day. Lunchboxes

may be put inside the backpack. Please check your child’s folder every day for projects,

homework and important notices. Any notes you need to send to myself or the office may also

be placed in your child’s folder.


Weekly Mail: Please check our school website for updated mail and notices posted each

Wednesday (www.steas.com).




Upcoming Events

No events available.