Prepare your heart for the coming of our savior,
Jesus Christ.

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Welcome to Mrs. Sylvan and Mrs. Wykert's 
Kindergarten class.
We work hard, have fun and Embrace kindness!!

What's happening this week
(December 8-December 12)

I hope you had a lovely three day weekend and enjoyed our first snowfall of the season. 

Last week was very exciting as the SEAS students grades K-3 showed us the true meaning of Christmas.

Listening to the children sing the Christmas carols 
always brings a smile to our faces and joy in our hearts.

We are so proud of k-1 and k-2 for the beautiful job they did sharing the story of the birth of Jesus with all of us.

Last week in religion we listened to and discussed the Bible stories "Jonah and the Whale" and "Noah's Arc".
We discussed how in "Jonah and the Whale", Jonah did not listen to God. The Bible tells us "he ran away from God". 
Jonah thought he knew better than God. We learned that God wants us to be honest with him and it is wise to obey the One who loves you the most.

In Noah's Arc, Noah did obey  to God. 
Because of this, good things came to him and his family.Image result for advent clip art

This week we will read and discuss and put into our Bibles:
"Daniel and the Lion's Den"
"David and Goliath"

What lessons will we learn from these stories?

Tomorrow morning we will have our 2nd student prayer service in the Thomas Reynolds gymnasium.
It is wonderful how we all come together to pray, a great way to start each week in Lent. 

As we do each day in Fundations, we drill our letters and sounds.
Our letters up to this point are:
t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o and a

We also review our sight words:
I , can, the, we, see, a and like

This week the children will review the letter g.

-We will look at picture cards and then try to come up with additional words that begin with the short vowel sound.

- The children will choose objects from our special backpack and pull out objects that begin with the letter Aa. They continue to give great clues and are more comfortable with picking friends to guess the object.

-The children will go to the next page in their Fundations Workbook.

-They will use the white boards to form new and review previous letters. They also practice sight words.

We will also be using our magnetic letter boards now that we have reviewed quite a few letters and learned sight words.

In reading, we are starting unit 3, week 1 
In our Wonders readers, the essential question is:
What rules do we follow in different place?

Phonics letter: Ii
Sight word:  "to"

Sight word review: the, we, see, a like

Listening comprehension read alouds:
"How Do Dinosaurs Go to School"?

Can I Pat It?
Tim Can Tip It. 

I hope the children sat with you and read their stories in their Wonder readers. They are so anxious to read and are doing a great job.

The children did a beautiful job in their homework work books. Their illustrations were terrific and their print was really neat. Keep up the great work. 

In math we continue Chapter 5:
Essential Question: How can I compare shapes?
(two dimensional shapes)

Lesson 2: Circles and Triangles
Lesson 3: Squares, rectangles, triangles and circles
Lesson 4: hexagons

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This week we will be starting our gingerbread reading series. The children will enjoy reading different versions of the story while discussing setting, characters, problem and  endings. (did he or she get eaten) The children truly enjoy reading each one.

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I'm sure the children shared the exciting news: our elf has arrived. Already Sparkles has been a little mischievous. Stay tuned for more exciting shenanigans.  

Just a note

Monday, December 11th - Band concert (7:00)
Chorus/Nativity to follow in church

Tuesday, December 12th -  Bus drill. the children can wear their gym uniforms today.

Wednesday, December 13th - 1/2 day of school
Parent/teacher conferences.
I hope all the times I assigned worked well with your schedules. I look forward to meeting with all of you.

Thursday, December 14th - Christmas Boutique. 

Friday, December 15th - Dress down day 

Have a great week and I'll see you on Wednesday!  

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December 29th
Happy 6th Birthday Harper! 




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