Mrs. Pugliese's K - 1 Class

Week of: December 3, 2018
Happy first week of Advent!

Well, we had another fantastic week in Kindergarten together! The children had a great week playing together, working hard in math and reading, and pledging to BE good friends to each other!

Last week, we had a full, busy week! We read and enjoyed two Bible stories, Jonah and the Whale and Noah's Ark, we learned all about bugs in reading, sorted in math, and practiced for our Christmas Nativity!

It was a great, productive week!

Looking ahead...

This week, the students will continue in the academic areas of Reading, Fundations, and Math.

In reading, we will begin Unit 3 - Week 1 - Rules To Go By
Essential Question of the week:
What rules do we follow in different places?
Stories: "Can I Pat It?" (fiction) and
"Tim Can Tip It" (fiction)
Read Alouds: " How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?"
(Genre - Fantasy) and
"Be Safe" (Genre - Informational Text)
Phonics: i

In Fundations, we will review all letters and sight words on a daily basis.
Letter of the week: a (apple).
Sight word of the week: to

Letters and Sight Words taught thus far:
Letters: t, b, f, n, m, i, u, c, o
Sight words: can, I, the, we, see, a, like

In math, students will begin Chapter 4 - Positional Words
This week, students will use the words above and below, in front of and behind, and next to and beside to describe or place an object with respect to another object.

In religion, we will focus on two new Bible stories -
David and Goliah
Daniel in the Lion's Den
Students will listen to the Bible story, color the Bible picture, trace the words summarizing the story, and watch the video.
Students will also learn about St. Nicholas and Immaculate Conception.

This week, we will focus on...

Nativity Practice for Advent Lessons and Carols

Weekly Special Classes...

Monday - Music and Art
Tuesday - Spanish 
Wednesday - Library
Thursday - Computer
Friday - Gym

This week's happenings...

Monday, 12/3 - 8:20 a.m. student prayer service for first week of Advent hosted by 5-2

Tuesday, 12/4 -

Wednesday, 12/5 - K - 3 Advent Lessons and Carols at 9:30 a.m. in the Gym - All are welcomed!

Thursday, 12/6 - St. Nicholas Day!

Friday - 12/7 -

Saturday, 12/8 - Immaculate Conception

Sunday - 12/9 - Second week of Advent begins!

Extra reminders...

* Check your child's homework for accuracy. Please return all papers with a "Parent's Signature" stamp on it.

* Read all the directions for all the questions to your child.

* Enforce proper pencil grip and correct letter formation. It is okay to do hand over hand letter writing. This ensures correct letter formation.

* Have your child write only the first letter of his/her name in an uppercase letter, the rest of the letters are in lowercase letters. It is okay to have him/her erase and rewrite properly. This type of repetition helps your child to remember the accuracy and importance of writing his/her name correctly.

* Make sure the children are coming to school in jackets and optional hats, gloves, scarves... the weather is getting much cooler!

* If any parents have hand sanitizer to send in, we are running low, please send in! Thank you!

Thank you for all your help and support!

Have a great week!


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