Library Media Center

 Alleluia! Christ has risen! Happy Easter to all!  We celebrate the season of Easter until Pentecost Sunday, 50 days after Easter Sunday. The children will be reminded of the Easter Season when they visit the library by continuing to read stories of the miracles of Jesus. The Pre-k class will have an Easter egg hunt.The older children will complete Easter word searches and be reminded of the season by visual aids such as a bowl of colored eggs, meaning "new life", a cross will be displayed draped in white; white meaning "pure" or "best".

This week, we will also celebrate Earth Day. We will learn the purpose of reuse, recycle and reduce by reading stories relating to caring for our earth.

The students will review some general library skills such as, the purpose for using a shelf marker, locating fiction and non-fiction books on the library shelves and the purpose of aligning books on the shelf in a particular order. 
We are striving for the enjoyment of reading!

Hoping to inspire,