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Welcome to the month of February!

Groundhog Day was celebrated on February 2nd and the famous marmot
Punxsutawney Phil, emerged from his burrow in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
where he saw his shadow. He was so frightened by his own shadow that he returned to his home almost immediately! Folklore tells us that if a groundhog sees his shadow, we will have six more weeks of winter! Brrrr!
Bundle up!!!!

The month of February's full moon is known as the "snow moon". The Native Americans named the month of February as such because it is the time of winter that usually has the heaviest snowfall. The full moon of February has also been known as the full "hunger moon" noting the Native Americans depleting food supply during the harsh winter weather.

Saint Valentine's Day will be celebrated on February 14th. We are thankful to Saint Valentine for risking his life to marry Christian couples during the third century.

Some of the books we will be reading this week in library are:

Snow Moon by Nicholas Brunelle
May I Bring a Friend? by Beatrice De Regniers
Explore Winter by Maxine Anderson
Night Boat to Freedom by Margot Raven

Happy Reading!
Mrs. Cappiello