What Are We Learning In Music?

September Composer of the Month
Johann Sebastian Bach

Week of 9/18
This week students will continue to work on Bach! Kindergarten and 1st grade will draw pictures while listening to two of his most famous pieces "Jesu Joy of Man's Desring", and "Fugue in D minor". They will then present their artwork, while comparing and contrasting the pieces. 2nd and 3rd will continue/start their picture-pauses, and listen to "Minuet in G" and use body percussion, and classroom instruments to keep the beat. 4th grade is going to create pictures based upon the melodic contour of "Ricercar". Lastly 5th grade will be reading about Bach's life, and creating short skits from the most important facts! 

Pre-k will continue to be introduced to the music room, practice steady beat, and become comfortable speaking/singing alone by playing musical games. 

6th grade is starting drum circles, while 7th grade are going to learn about the Brazilian Samba, and the music that goes along with it. 8th grade is taking a journey through American Music history. They will begin by learning about Charlie Parker, and Jazz!


Week of 9/11
This week in music students are reviewing the routine/expectations of my classroom. Musical activities in the classroom have revolved around steady beat and rhythm. 3rd grade began the year reviewing letter names of the musical staff! 

This month the composer students are learning about is Johann Sebastian Bach. 3rd grade began by listening to a biography and creating pictures that went with it. 4th grade read a biography, and went back in the test to find answers to questions about Bach's life.