What Are We Learning In Music?

Pre-K /Kindergarten

Pre-k and Kindergarten are currently learning about volume. We are creating a "Bug Band", where students will take turns being the conductor and leading the "band" in changing volume.

1st Grade
are practicing rhythms (Ta's and Titi's) and creating their own animal raps!

2nd Grade
Is acting out the form of the song "Viennese Musical Clock". They are visually showing the repeating sections. 

3rd Grade
Is learning about ties, and how they changes the total note value. They have also learned 2 new notes, High C and High D.

4th Grade
Are catergorizing instruments into their families. The instrument show in tell is next Tuesday, March 5!

5th Grade
 Are becoming experts on Composers! There project is due March 6th!

6th Grade 
Is studying Opera. They are currently learning about Arias, and Recitative. They are using the Libretto Cycle to write their own operas.

7th Grade
7th Graders are creating their own short films, and adding in their own music based upon concepts taught in class. They are creating cues, and utilizing underscore and source music to make their scene come alive!

8th Grade
8th Graders are becoming writers, and creating their own Rock And Roll Magazines to demonstrate their understanding of the time period musically!