What Are We Learning In Music?

Week of Feb. 12

Pre-K is currently getting in touch with their emotions through music. We discussed feelings, and when we might feel happy, sad, mad, tired etc. We then listened to a pieceof music (Flight of the Bumblebee) and drew our feelings about the piece of music.

1st Grade
1st graders are currently learning how to read the musical staff, and the notes "So" and "Mi". They have learned that "So"phie and "Mi"a are best friends and like to copy each other. If one is on a line, the other is on a line. They also learned that "So"phie is taller than "Mi"a, so "So"phie is always higher up on the staff. 

2nd Grade
2nd graders are hard at working look at melodic direction. They have created there own vocal melodies, which dictate how they should move their voices, higher or lower. They all know to be careful that we are NOT getting louder or quieter. We then worked as a class to dictate the melody of "Row Row Row Your Boat".

3rd Grade
3rd graders are challenging themselves on the reocrder. They have learned a new not "E" (3 fingers on the left hand, and 2 on the right!) as well as playing TiTi's (Eighth notes!) . The trick is to keep your fingers close to the recorder, and  make your tongue hit the recorder. Remember, eighths notes are twice as fast as quarter notes! They are finishing up "It's Raining" and beginning to work on "Old Mac Donald" with another new note "D". 

4th Grade
4th Grade is learning about Beethoven. We have learned that he is very innovative, and invented NEW techniques. He wrote in the classical style (simple and balanced) as well as the romantic style (intense, expressive, and emotional). Beethoven also accomploshed all of this despite being deaf! They will continue learning about Beethoven and his work, by doing a SQUILT (Super Quiet Un Interrupted Listening Time) activity with the famout piece "Moonlight Sonata".

5th Grade
5th is creating their own food poems in 6/8 time! This means there are 6 beats in a measure (not 4!) and the eighth note (not the quarter note!) is worth one beat. They have written the rhythms, and the lyrics, and will perform for the class. We will then start our unit on Mexican Music, to coincide with their reading of the book "Esperenza Rising". 

6th Grade
We are finishing up our unit on Acoustics, The Science of Sound.  We learned that sounds are vibrations, ion the form of a wave. We learned about the different parts of the sound wave, as well as what we need to do to change the pitch of instruments. We have also learned about our vocal chords. They finished up the unit by doing an experiment about how sound travels through matter. 

7th Grade 
7th grade is reflecting inward and working on a "Music and My Identity" Project. They have analyzed how music has affected their lives, and picked a song that represents them. They have analyzed the song, and looked at the theme conveyed. They are currently working in groups to create original pieces about those themes. 

8th Grade
8th grade has taken a trip to the 50's and 60's and followed up through the 70's by learning about Rock and Roll. We discovered that as different as things were, a lot of the same themes and ideas still exist today. Such as parents not understanding the younger generations music, teens rebelling, and controversy. They are currently creating posters that reflect different sub genres of rock.