What Are We Learning In Music?

October Composer of the Month
Camille Saint Saens

Week of 10/14
Kindergarten and First Grade are learning about how music is created by patterns of long and short sounds. 
2nd grade is continuing their study of patterns of weak and strong beats. 
3rd grade will be working on an iconic (picture) version of "Mary Had A Little Lamb".
4th grade is working on triplets.
5th grade is continuing to study time signatures.
6th grade is learning about African Music Culture- Griots, Instruments, and how music is used!
7th grade is learning about Samba rhythms and creating samba grooves. 
8th grade is diving deep into the different sub genres of Jazz!

Week of 10/2
Kindergarten/1st is continuing to study the different ways we can use our voice.
2nd grade is looking at patterns of 3, and 4. These patterns consist of strong and weak beats!
3rd grade has received their recorders!! Please make sure that your child brings their recorder back and forth if needed. They will be introduces to 3 notes, B, A, and G. 
4th grade is working on new rhythms: 16th notes!!
5th grade is studying time signatures, and how they change note values (which note is worth 1 beat!)
6th grade will create a drum circle. They are practicing making 2 different pitches on the djembe, working together, and conducting the group.
7th grade will be diving into the different styles of Samba. Samba-Cancao (slower), Pagode (most popular) and samba-enredo (played at Carnival)
8th grade is learning the basics of jazz history, and the different major categories of jazz.

Week of 9/24
Kindergarten/1st is currently learning about the different ways we can use our voices: Singing, speaking, yelling, and whispering. 
2nd grade is working hard on rhythms, and grouping beats into measures. 
3rd grade is now looking at rhythms and letter names together in preparation for the recorder!
4th grade is diving deep into more complex rhythms such as dotted quarter notes, and sixteenth notes. 
5th grade will create their Bach Skits. 
6th grade is going to learn about African drums this week. 
7th grade will learn about the instruments of Brazil. 
8th grade is learning about the origins of Jazz music. 

Week of 9/18
This week students will continue to work on Bach! Kindergarten and 1st grade will draw pictures while listening to two of his most famous pieces "Jesu Joy of Man's Desring", and "Fugue in D minor". They will then present their artwork, while comparing and contrasting the pieces. 2nd and 3rd will continue/start their picture-pauses, and listen to "Minuet in G" and use body percussion, and classroom instruments to keep the beat. 4th grade is going to create pictures based upon the melodic contour of "Ricercar". Lastly 5th grade will be reading about Bach's life, and creating short skits from the most important facts! 

Pre-k will continue to be introduced to the music room, practice steady beat, and become comfortable speaking/singing alone by playing musical games. 

6th grade is starting drum circles, while 7th grade are going to learn about the Brazilian Samba, and the music that goes along with it. 8th grade is taking a journey through American Music history. They will begin by learning about Charlie Parker, and Jazz!


Week of 9/11
This week in music students are reviewing the routine/expectations of my classroom. Musical activities in the classroom have revolved around steady beat and rhythm. 3rd grade began the year reviewing letter names of the musical staff! 

This month the composer students are learning about is Johann Sebastian Bach. 3rd grade began by listening to a biography and creating pictures that went with it. 4th grade read a biography, and went back in the test to find answers to questions about Bach's life.