Nursery Program

Dear Parents,

What a successful spirit week in Nursery!  Everyone looked great in their team shirts on Tuesday and wearing blue and white today.

The class did a great job during the Walk-A-Thon today.  They were great listeners and followed all the directions.  Thank you to all the parents that cheered us on!

Today our class said goodbye to our butterflies.  We released them and we were lucky that one butterfly stayed and we were all able to hold him.  Pictures will be posted soon!

Tuesday, May 23rd, is our May Crowning.  Please send in a flower with your child that day.

Stories we read:

10 Little Caterpillars

Bedtime for Batman

Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Mrs. Woll

  As the month goes on there will be more pictures  to share.  Check back soon!

Nursery Special's Schedule 

Gym  *please make sure your child wear sneakers to school*