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Dear Parents,

Happy Friday!  We had a fun filled day in Pre-K.

Today we had Spanish and they finished making their counting book.  The class learned to count from 1-10 in Spanish.  

In the morning we read a fall story and we talked about the different things we can see in the fall.  The kids said they see the leaves fall, pumpkins, Halloween decorations, and kids in costumes!  After that, the class had to draw something they see in the fall.

In the afternoon, we read There Once Was A Mummy Who Swallowed A Spider, and after we made our own mummies.  The class had to draw something from the story that the mummy swallowed.  They did a great job!


Monday, October 15th, Donuts with Dad slips are due back.

Friday, October 19th, Donuts with Dad is from 1:30-2:30

Stories we read:

Peppa's Windy Fall Day

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There Once Was A Mummy Who Swallowed A Spider

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Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Woll


 There are many events coming up.  Check the photo gallery soon for more pictures!

Pre-K Specials Schedule

Monday- Music
Tuesday- Library

 Wednesday- Gym
*Children must be wearing sneakers for Gym class.*

Thursday- Art       

Friday- Spanish