Pre-K 3 Day Program

Dear Parents,

Spring is here!  Hopefully they'll be no more snow and only nice warm weather from now on :)

We had a great week last week.  We did many rainbow experiments in class.  We learned what happens when you mix certain colors make new colors!  Red and yellow make orange, red and blue make purple, and blue and yellow make green.  We also made erupting rainbows last week.  We mixed together food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar and watched our rainbows fizzle and rise right before our eyes!

We also learned where rainbows come from, rain.  We learned that we usually see rainbows after is rains and the colors we see are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Yesterday we learned about the letter T!  We came up with 30 words for our word list!

We are still working on the number nine this week.

Tomorrow we will be learning a new shape!

Stories we read:

The Night Before St. Patrick's Day

The Luckiest Leprechaun

See you all tomorrow!

Mrs. Woll

 There are many events coming up.  Check back soon for more pictures!

Pre-K Specials Schedule

Monday- Computer
Wednesday- Gym
*Children must be wearing sneakers for Gym class.*
Friday- Art & Music


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