Pre-K 5A

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 Keeping busy in PreK 5
and always
Reaching for the stars!!!

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Such a beautiful month and full of many wonderful things.

Our caterpillars are here and we are observing them everyday.
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Already we have seem them grow and are watching as they shed their skin. We discussed the life cycle of the butterfly.   

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Our other unit, seeds/plants, started off quite messy but lots of fun. The children had fun digging into the soil and planting their seeds. It's time to be patient and wait for our first sprouts. We will be discussing the parts of a flower and what  a plant needs to grow.

This week we learn the letter X. Not many words begin with the letter X so this is a wonderful opportunity to start listening to the end of words. For example fox, box,etc.   Hard to believe only 2 more letters left. We have been stringing letters together to make words. 

May is Mom's month and we want to celebrate our moms.
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Look out for your invitation to our special Mother's Day Tea.