Pre-K 5A

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 Keeping busy in PreK 5
and always
Reaching for the stars!!!

Well that was a big surprise!
I hope you all had a great 4 day weekend.

Our week before the February break is  going to be very busy.
Since we missed out on 2 days we will finish up the letter P and the #7.
Our penguins were left drying and should be ready to hang.
The children loved getting messy with our shaving cream and glue mixture. Everybody wanted to use their hands, no need for a spoon.

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Don't forget to bring your Valentine cards into school on Monday. Sign your name but please don't personalize. The children will be delivering to their friends in the Valentine bags we will be decorating in school.
On Tuesday, our snack will be a yummy Valentine treat.

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On Friday we will be celebrating 100 days in school. The children have been counting since the first day of school and are very excited about reaching that special number.
Check folders on Monday for a note regarding a 100th day assignment.

Looking ahead to March

The children are always excited when Fr. Adrian comes into our room and chats with the children. Starting in March (2nd), the children will be joining the rest of SEAS as they celebrate the Eucharist.
We will be going over to the church with our 6th grade escorts. It is 9:00 mass and you are invited to attend. We will be sitting with the rest of the school and you are invited to sit with the rest of the parents in the rear of the church.

This is a great time to bring the children to mass since Ash Wednesday begins on March 1st. 
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Check our calendar. There's a lot coming up. 


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