Pre-K 5A

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 Keeping busy in PreK 5
and always
Reaching for the stars!!!

Our lions are hanging and reminding us that March came in with a roar.
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Our leprechauns with their beautifully painted shamrocks and rainbows remind us that St. Patrick's Day is not that far away.

We are getting ready to learn the letter Rr and the number eight. The children are doing a great job writing their numbers and letters. They are also learning to count slower and calculate the correct number of objects.

We celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by reading his books and looking for rhymes. The children truly enjoyed the silly antics of the Cat in the Hat. It is such a wonderful way to build confidence and appreciation for reading. Rhyming and repetition are such wonderful tools and build excitement for reading readiness.
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The children really did a great job with our dental health month activities. I know they were listening because they like to remind me what is healthy for our teeth. Thank you for sending back the tooth brushing charts. Tooth brushes and tooth paste kits were donated by a parent and the children received one for their good efforts.

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As you know, Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and the children received ashes from Ms. Graziose.  We discussed why we receive the ashes and the children were wonderful when she blessed them and put the ashes on their foreheads.

I was so proud of the children when we attended mass on Thursday. They were very excited to meet up with a 6th grade prayer buddy and proceed to church. They were wonderful during the mass and enjoyed our discussion afterwards. Soon we will be making arrangements with Fr. Adrian to get a tour of the church. It is such a wonderful experience.

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Along with our regular daily prayers we have added a prayer to help us be kind to others. We are working hard to be kind to our friends and those around us and use kind words. This is a wonderful time of year to reinforce this discussion, especially as we prepare for Easter.

Check the March calendar for upcoming events.
Bingo     Friday, 3/10
Bowling     Sunday 3/12