What's Happening in Spanish Class?!
Week of 1010/17

- Pre K will be practicing the Sign of the Cross in Spanish.  We will continue to review the numbers 1-10 by singing the song "Diez Amigos" and will finish their Numbers Book.
- Kindergarten will practice the Sign of the Cross in Spanish.  We will continue oral review of simple introductions and greetings.
- First grade will practice reciting the Hail Mary in Spanish.  We will do a written review of greetings, polite words and introductions.  We will also read a Spanish book using the expressions we have learned.
- Second grade will orally practice introductions and greetings with each other, and will do a written review of these expressions.
- Third grade will continue our oral practice of introductions and colors vocabulary.  We will finish our Autumn Colors Book as a written review of the colors vocabulary.
- Fourth grade will continue our review of numbers by playing Count Off.  We will review the Spanish alphabet by singing the "Bingo Song". 
- Fifth grade will continue to review the Spanish alphabet, concentrating on vowel pronunciation.  We will recite the Spanish alphabet while marching to the "Alphabet March".  We will also review the date by singing the "Days of the Week Song" and doing the Macarena (months).  Then we will continue in our textbook Spanish is Fun - the introduction of cognates.
- Sixth grade will review school vocabulary, reading a conversation and writing their own dialogue using the vocabulary.  We will review indefinite articles and the use of indefinite articles with professions.
- Seventh grade will do a review chapter on Lecciones 1-4, including cognates, family & school vocabulary, definite & indefinite articles, AR verbs & AR conjugation, concentrating on pronouns, negative sentences and questions.
- Eighth grade will continue to review #s 0-101 by playing Tic Tac Toe.  We will do a reading comprehension paragraph using the numbers vocabulary and answer questions in complete sentences.