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Dear Parents,

We had a fun day in Pre-K yesterday.  In the afternoon we met our 6th grade pals and had our very first STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) challenge.  They were split into small groups and had to construct a haunted house made out of candy pumpkins and toothpicks.  The 6th graders did a great job keeping the pre-k students involved in the project and they all had so much fun.  It was a tough challenge, but they were proud of what they made.  We cannot wait to have another STEAM challenge with them.  Please check the photo gallery for pictures. 

We are still working on the letter D and the number 2 this week.  They are both tricky, but the children are doing a great job writing and counting. 

Today we did some spooky Halloween math on the Smart Board.  Everyone had a turn to come up and count, write numbers, or make patterns with some spooky Halloween friends.


We are very excited for our Donuts with Dad event tomorrow!  It is from 1:30-2:30 in the classroom.  The dads or dandy fellows will meet in the main lobby.  If you have any questions about this event, please let me know.

Stories we read:

Spooky Hour

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Have a great day,

Mrs. Woll


 There are many events coming up.  Check the photo gallery soon for more pictures!

Pre-K Specials Schedule

Monday- Music
Tuesday- Library

 Wednesday- Gym
*Children must be wearing sneakers for Gym class.*

Thursday- Art       

Friday- Spanish