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 Welcome to
 Pre K-B
Mrs. Sylvan & Mrs. Wykert

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Be Kind, Be Happy, Be You

What's going on this week?
(October 15-19, 2018)

Our Letter of the Week is Dd.

We start each letter with rainbow writing. The children are reminded to always start each letter at the top.
In Fundations, we use the language:
Sky line
plane line
grass line
worm line

The children will catch on soon since we repeat the direction of each letter every time we write it. 

We also describe what each letter looks like. The letter "Dd is a sky line to grass line, straight line letter with a curved line from sky line to grass line. The lower case "d"  starts like a "c" brings a straight line to skyline then travels down to the grass line. The children are getting use to hearing this language. They are really trying hard. As you may have noticed, the children are using pencils to write letters and eventually numbers, and crayons to color.

The children did a great job on their homework. Thank you for guiding them away from markers, it really makes a difference.    

The children continue to enjoy our Clifford backpack. They loved picking out objects that begin with the letter Cc and giving their friends clues. Each week a new round of 5 or 6 children give the clues. 

The children made their scarecrows out of different shapes, they adorable!!! Not sure they are going to scare too many crows away.
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We read three books that the children thoroughly enjoyed:
"The Shy Scarecrow"
"The Lonely Scarecrow"
"The Falling Leaves and the Scarecrow"

We discussed how different the scarecrows were and what the authors did to make us see their different personalities. We also talked about how the illustrations tell us a lot about the book. The cover really is a great indication of what the tone of the story will be.    

This week in:


This week we will introduce the letter Dd. We will review how to write the letter and the sound it makes. 

We will discuss, write and look at pictures that begin with the letter Dd.

We are very excited about our Donuts with Dad celebration. We are also looking forward to some dandy grandpas.


We will introduce the number 1. 


This week the children will be meeting up with
their 6th grade Steam (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) partners. This is a wonderful program that promotes critical thinking.  At certain times of the year the Pre k children will work with the 6th students and explore science. This week the children will be creating structures made from toothpicks and pumpkin candy corn. We want the children to realize that the structure needs a strong base and they must explore ways to make it sturdy. There will lots of fun discussions.


We continue talking about our friends around us and how we see ourselves in the world.
We talk about how God made each one of us and we are very special.

Social Studies 

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Firefighter Mike  
will visit us this week in our classroom. He will discuss fire prevention and what to do in case of a fire. He will also show the children his full uniform and equipment. This helps the children not to be afraid if they see a firefighter in a real fire situation.   

What's ahead this week:


-Firefighter Mike visits

-Steam science


Gym (sneakers)
-Donuts with Dads (1:30-2:30)

Open House and Carnival

I hope you can attend the Open and House and Carnival. You can come to our classroom and see the beautiful work the children have been working on. Our Hallway wall looks very festive.

Just a reminder:

Please wait for the school buses to leave the parking lot before you pull in to pick up your child. Sometimes the bus drives do not see the cars and it makes it more difficult for them to exit. We want everyone to be safe.

Have a great week!

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