Kindergarten is full of learning through discovery which will spark your child's curiosity and will ignite a love for learning in a safe and positive environment.  During your child's kindergarten experience at SEAS, he or she will REACH his or her highest potential, and will live with respect, responsibility, and reverence  while building his or her faith and becoming a follower of Jesus.  Your child's experience in kindergarten will also encourage your child to become a positive, kind, and helpful member of his or her church, school, and home communities.

This year your child will create the foundation of each subject area and will learn about the world around them.  Your child will make new friends and will learn how to treat others with respect and kindness.  Your child will be engaged in learning with the use of exciting theme units, hands on activities, and cooperative learning.

Kindergarten Events to look forward to:
  • Community Field Trips to the Bellmore Playhouse, Bellmore Firehouse, and the Bellmore Library
  • Becoming Followers of Jesus
  • Leading school and church services
       Thanksgiving Prayer Service
              Nativity and Christmas Concert
              Lenten Prayer Service
              School Mass in June

  •  Thanksgiving Feast
  • Operation Christmas Child
  • 100th Day Celebration
  • Field Day
  • Graduation

We look forward to having a very fun and memorable year in Kindergarten this year!