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Week of: October 15, 2018

Well, our fifth week of Kindergarten together was another fantastic one! The children had a great week playing together, working hard in math and reading, and pledging to BE good friends to each other!

I hope you had a nice Columbus day off from school on Monday! The children spent the short week learning a new sight word thereviewed the foundations letter n, counted numbers with manipulatives, worked on an autumn project, and thanked God for making our world.

On Friday, we went on our first field trip to Green Meadows Farm. It was a lot of fun! The children rode ponies, milked a cow, went on a hayride, feed and pet the animals, played on the playground, and took home a pumpkin. Thank you to our amazing chaperones for all your help!
It was an awesome day, and a great week!

Looking ahead...

This week, the students will continue in the academic areas of Fundations, Reading, and Math.

In Fundations, the letter of the week is m.
Students will practice the sound of the letter, and the formation. 
Students will trace, write, and color the letter.
They will feel the letter on a sandpaper card, observe picture cards that begin with the letter, write it on white boards and in their workbooks, and learn a song!

In Reading, we will continue our second reader in the series titled, "Unit 1." 

Weekly Theme
: How do baby animals move?

Sight Word: we
Phonics Letter: Aa
Students will trace, write, and read the words, separate and together.
Please review all previously taught sight words: I, can, the

In Math, students will continue in chapter 2 and read and write numbers six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. Students will name, recognize, and count using concrete objects, illustrations, ten frames, counters, and drawings.

This week, we will focus on:
God's creation

Weekly Special Classes:
Monday - Music and Art
Tuesday - Spanish
Wednesday - Library
Thursday - Computer
Friday - Gym

This week's happenings...
Monday, 10/15 - Happy birthday, Thomas!
FAST Athletics - Colin, Matthew, Harry, Eden, Ava

Tuesday, 10/16 - Firefighter Mike Pugliese visits

Wednesday, 10/17 - Mentors for Christ activity
Happy birthday, Juliana!

Thursday, 10/18 - Dress Down Day 

Friday - 10/19 - Violin class:
Jayne, Juliana, Harry, Charlie, Roman
Goods and Services Auction - 6:30 p.m. @ Cure of Ars

Sunday - 10/21 - Early Childhood Open House 11:00 - 1:00

Extra reminders...
Please check your child's homework for accuracy.
Please read all the directions for all the questions.
Please enforce proper pencil grip and correct letter formation.
Have your child write only the first letter of his/her name in an uppercase letter, the rest of the letters are in lowercase letters. It is okay to have him/her erase and rewrite properly. This type of repetition helps your child to remember the accuracy and importance of writing his/her name correctly.
Thank you for all your help and support!


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