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  • Homework

    Tuesday June 8
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    Food Drive

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  • What's going in in 3-1

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    We will Rise together for another fabulous week as we pray, work, and play with Respect, Responsibility, and Reverence!

    As a reminder: If your child or anyone in the house has an outstanding PCR test, the child and siblings must stay home and quarantine until a negative test result is given. When in doubt, or if you have questions, please call or email Ms. Graziose

    **The Food Drive sponsored by the Fifth Grade will continue until this Tuesday. Thank you to those who have already made their donations to the drive . 

    ***We will have a Science Test this Tuesday based of the notes from our chapter on Adaptation and Survival. All notes can be found in the front of the purple notebook and have also been posted in the Google Classroom stream

    *******Please make sure that your child continues to review their multiplication facts on a daily basis. A Quizlet has been posted in Google Classroom, focusing on all of our times tables. Please encourage your child to utilize it. Constant review will lead to constant success!
    ******The children have access to a new learning site known as IXL. It is a wonderful place for the children to reinforce their classroom skills. Please make every effort to have your child sign on. They have had experience using IXL in class so they are well informed on how to sign on to this site.

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    Please continue to utilize our digital library, Epic. There are over 40,000 children's books which can be accessed through this site and it is all for free! Please go to and sign in using our class code awa7953. The children have already started using it in our classroom and love it! Please encourage them to use it at home as well.

    All classwork and homework is posted daily in Google Classroom. Please log in each day to check on assignments and to view any class or school announcements.

    What's Happening in
    3-1This Week!

    This week we will focus on the two parts of the Mass known as the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

    We will begin our last chapter on measurement this week. We will cover the topics of measuring liquids in liters and milliliters, as well as exploring how to measure mass.

    Even though we have moved on from multiplication and division in our math books, it is of utmost importance to continue to have your child review their flashcards on a daily basis so as to meet with success.

    This week we will complete our last unit in our reader which asks the question "What makes you laugh?". This E.Q. will be answered when reading the poem "Ollie's Escape".

    We will be introduced to prepositions in sentences this week.

    We will complete our unit on Adaptations and Survival with our test on Tuesday. We will then begin finding out about fossils towards the end of the week .

    Social Studies
    This week we be exploring the three branches of government as well as how our local and national government work.

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  • Monday-Health
    Tuesday- Art
  • Spelling words

    1. careful
    2. cheerful
    3. helpful
    4. colorful
    5. harmful
    6. pitiful
    7. painless
    8. priceless
    9. helpless
    10. sleepless
    11. rainless
    12. helplessly
    13. peacefully
    14. carefully
    15. wisely

  • Reading words

    : 1. entertainment
    2. ridiculous
    3. humorous
    4. slithered